Okay, here’s the EXCITING BLOG PROJECT that I’ve been hinting at for weeks — okay, months — okay, over a year, to some of you.

Today’s the official launch of truespies.org, a new collaborative blogging project based out of Pittsburgh. It essentially consists of myself and a bunch of real-life and internet friends writing about things we’re interested in — music, food, physics, pedagogy, sports, etc. etc. ad nauseum.

I’m excited about the content we’ve already got up — I think some of the other folks who just started posting within the past month or so already have more extensive content than I have from my past two years of blogging.

My new location for nah pop, no style is: http://truespies.org/andybot

I apologize to all of you who have had to move with me once already, when I went from blogspot to wordpress . . . I think for your sake I’ll “simulcast” and start feeding my new blog onto this one so you still get my content (if I can figure out how exactly to do that) but if you can update your links to the new site that would rule.

Go take a look and enjoy everyone’s writing!


grimm prospects

April 26, 2007

For your reading pleasure, my short preview of Plotkin/Wyskida tonight, here. I know, it’s “grimm robe,” not “grim robe.” Editing happens. I’m glad it passed through proofing at all.

I’ve been wickedly behind on my RSS reader action. Scores and scores of unread blog posts, everywhere. I don’t know what to do about it, friend. If I could, I’d take a day off from work JUST to read blog posts. Not really.

This weekend, I’ll probably go see Jarboe Friday night, and Saturday night is filled with housewarming and birthday parties (shit, gifts, right). However, if you’re not going to those parties, you might consider going to Howler’s for Ludlow’s CD release thing, with The Dirty Faces and Burndowns. Maybe I’ll make it for the last five minutes of that or something.

Also, resolutions update: I packed my lunch two-and-a-half times this week (not bad), ate kale last night with dinner (still haven’t perfected the amount of Bragg’s to use to make it tasty but not mind-numbingly salty), and haven’t fixed my bike yet. I’ll get there.

spring cleaning

March 26, 2007

I moved things around a little in the sidebar, deleted a couple dead links, etc.

Also, you’ll see in the “links” category a link to my Google Reader “shared” page — go there if you’re interested in what I’ve read lately, blogwise, that I thought was interesting but perhaps not enough so to make a whole post about. Recommended reading for the bored.

Let me know if anything looks stupid or counterintuitive in the sidebar now. Thanks.

blah blah blog

January 25, 2007

I’ve recently made some changes to my blog reading habits that I feel inclined to inform you of, because maybe you’ll like to read the things I’m reading too. (You and I, reader-friend: little nodes in the Reputation Society.)

  • I’ve nixed Balkinization from my RSS reader; the intense constitutional law-talk is a bit too much for me for the most part and, for better or worse, I get kind of bored with the daily updates on just why it would make sense to impeach the president and/or why the constitution is inadequate in that we can’t recall him or have a vote of no confidence on the subject.
  • I’ve added Crooked Timber and Eszter Hargittai because they both are fun to read and tend to include occasional posts that apply to the research I’m doing right now on scholarly blogging.
  • I’ve also added (Notes on) Politics, Theory & Photography, because it, uhhh, looks sweet.
  • I guess it’s time to remove Berube as well, since he stopped posting a month ago.

Tonight I make soup — if it looks pretty, I’ll post pictures for you. You like looking at pictures of food I made. I should probably give you recipes now and then too. There’s been a much-bandied-about cookbook idea that may someday come to fruition, which will involve favorite recipes of the roommates and myself and a bunch of bands/folks who have stayed with us while on tour/traveling. It will be beautiful. I should work on this, and pressure the folks to work on it as well.

snap out of it

January 21, 2007

I disabled Snap previews on this thing — I guess they just added those on WP a week or so ago . . . I find them to be rather annoying, but if my miniscule readership poses a protest against my doing away with the feature, I’ll perhaps reconsider. You know you think they’re annoying too, though. The only thing more annoying is when your blog server adds a new feature they think is neat and they automatically enable it instead of asking if you want to enable it.

As part of our continuing series, 2006: The Year That Was, Compartmentalized and Quantified, I bring you two top five lists:


Top Five Blog Posts I Didn’t Write in 2006

  • My thoughts on political philosophy and why, even though I don’t think exactly the same way as I did five years ago, I don’t disavow anarchy. This was promised at some point, I think it was earlier this year. It might have been last year.
  • A review of Capote: I think what I’d like to do at this point is to re-watch this, and watch that newer joint that looks like basically the same movie, and re-read In Cold Blood, and compare and contrast ’em.
  • That damn book meme: there’s still a few days left in the year, maybe I’ll do it. Or do parts of it. Or whatever. Sorry other Andy.
  • An essay on the Ben Folds Five trilogy, that being the three major full-length releases (S/T, Whatever and Ever Amen, and The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner), with notes on the significance of each in my own life. Forthcoming, I think.
  • A top ten list of blog posts that other people wrote in 2006. This year I resolve to bookmark good things that people write so that I can actually recap at some point.



Top Five Lyrics I Continued to Intentionally Sing Incorrectly in 2006

  • “In the corner of my eye/ I saw you and Brutus, you were very high” — From “Black Cow,” by Steely Dan. Actual line: “I saw you at Rudy’s.”
  • “A winter’s day/ In a deep and dark December/ I am the walrus” — From “I am a Rock,” by Simon & Garfunkel. Actual line: “I am alone.” (Promise, the way they articulate it, it works.)
  • “You’re where you should be all the time/ And when you’re not you’re with/ Some underworld spy or the wife of a postman” — From “You’re So Vain,” by Carly Simon. Actual line: “Some underworld spy or the wife of a close friend.”
  • “Tom, get your plan right on time/ I know you’re part of the Wolf Eyes” — From “Only Living Boy in New York,” by Simon & Garfunkel. Actual line: “I know your part’ll go fine.”
  • “Don’t be a lollipop! Bullshit!” — From a song, the title of which currently escapes me, by Sleep Little One Sleep, my roommate’s band. Actual line: “You tell me a lot about bullshit.”

take a break!

December 20, 2006

We interrupt this productive workday to bring you the following information:

  1. Today’s City Paper is a keeper. It features: a cover story on Michael Bérubé, in which Potter — not once, but twice — refers to Bérubé’s beard as “Mephistophelian;” a page of four photoshopped “Brangelina at Fallingwater” images created by denizens of the infamous Message Board; and a snippet from this very blog, in the “Yinz Blog ‘n@” section, or whatever it’s called. Lucky for me, the output of mine that others apparently think is most valuable is the stuff I write about walking out of my way to the liquor store and getting drunk on egg nog while watching Christmas specials alone. I’ll get you yet, Potter Marty. (PS — welcome to all three people who actually read City Paper, and read that particular feature, and think it would be worthwhile to look at my blog after reading that stellar excerpt. I do have a self-published book available; place orders via e-mail.)
  2. More importantly, that Romanian web radio station that offers the 500 top albums of the 20th century streaming now also has a list of the 1001 Albums You Totally Need to Listen to Before You Kick The Goddam Bucket, or something. I am currently listening to “Sunshine Superman.”
  3. Hopperlady’s year-end best-of post made me laugh in a snort-y sort of way.