this weekend

June 28, 2007

– Friday, the 29th: Centipede E’est and Karl Hendricks Trio (sans Alexei) at the Brillobox. I may or may not be able to make this one, but you should if you can. Okay, Manny wasn’t inaccurate when he suggested that “Gen Y’ers view Karl like [Generation X] viewed The Clarks;” I don’t really enjoy watching KHT (or KHRB, or whatever) but regardless of how you feel on that subject, Centipede won’t be playing shows for a while (what with Jim going on tour with Midnite Snake soon), so howsabout givin’ it up for them. Did I mention at the Arts Festival they played “New Sudan”?

– Saturday, the 30th: Des Ark with Julie Sokolow, Every Monster Truck Ever, at Roboto. Article here; I’m stoked that my enlightened editorial overlord chose to run the photo of Aimee reading a huge dictionary in front of the words “FUCK YOU MOTHER FUCKER.” Also, yes, there is a band called Every Monster Truck Ever, and they’re playing this show.

– Hopefully some tennis if I have time.

– The finishing touches being put on the super-secret blog project, and its unveiling. I might actually hold off until Monday morning to unveil it in a major way (not that it’ll be unveiled in a MAJOR way at all . . .) though the official date is supposed to be the 1st of the month. Technical aspects of this have been sapping a good bit of my blogging time, itself diminished because of my lack of home internet. Back to our regularly scheduled blogging soonish.


One Response to “this weekend”

  1. Emily Says:

    Maybe I’m not in “generation Y,” but I actually DO feel that way about Karl Hendricks. He was the first local musician I was into, over ten years ago now. His band was, like, my Pittsburgh Grateful Dead.

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