June 15, 2007

Didn’t have time yesterday to post about the show Wednesday night, so here goes —

Not well-attended, but that’s to be expected; it was a last-minute thing, on a Wednesday night, and the openers were all of dubious notoriety (for what they were performing, I mean). I have promoted shows that were less attended, for what it’s worth.

Greg read stories about woods porn. Evan played guitar amateurishly in his undies. I read poems most of my audience didn’t care about.

Cages were good; an intense curly-haired man plays guitar with a lot pedals, most of which he seems to not be using most of the time, while a pixie-ish woman in a funny dress whirls and contorts and does interesting vocal things. The Joanna Newsom comparisons are apt on some of the recordings I’ve heard, though a lot of what they were doing live was more in line with Sigur Ros-ish nonsense talk and atmosphere, only more effects-laden. I would’ve liked the singer to do something without so many effects (it’s clear she does really cool vocal things even underneath all that), and at times I felt like they weren’t necessarily completely together. But I got their double CD and I like it pretty good. I’d probably go see them again.


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