notes on flag day

June 14, 2007

Flag Day is one of those events that brings out the ridiculous journalism.

This morning I missed the early bus and, as such, caught a little bit of “Pittsburgh TODAY Live,” the morning show on KDKA TV. Keith Jones, introducing a story about how the founder of Flag Day is from some godawful podunk place in Collier Township or something, announced that on Flag Day, you can “salute our flag by . . . simply flying it!”

THEN, I read in the Post-Gazette about how no one cares about Flag Day anymore and oh what a shame it is and encountered the following:

The designation has faded over the years; some calendars don’t even mark Flag Day.

“That’s how pathetic our calendars are nowadays,” said Rhonda Baldt, manager of Amerian Legion Post 826 in Monroeville.

Right, Rhonda. That’s how pathetic our calendars are. The omission of Flag Day, a redundant observance at best, is a clear indication of a downturn in the quality of our calendars in general. Next thing, they’ll be telling us when Rosh Hashanah begins but not when it ends. I bet they’ll get even lazier and just skip out on the leap year thing completely in 2008. Hell, by 2010 I bet our calendars will be so pathetic, ALL of the months will have 30 days.


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