May 30, 2007

Call me crazy, but I actually laughed out loud at Jump Start this morning. Maybe I was just sleepy, or maybe this strip is actually really funny. YOU DECIDE.


(regent s)quare fellow

May 29, 2007

Hi, blog.

I moved into my totally awesome new place this weekend and am quite pleased, if hurting in the lower back region. I now live in my own lil joint with trees around and attractive neighbors I don’t know and no wretched little kids running all around. Also, as promised, I am lacking internet there and not too upset about it. There’s wireless at the coffeeshop down on Braddock Ave, I’m pretty sure, so if I NEED it it’s just a short walk away, but do I really NEED it? Do I?

On tap for this (short) week is an article about Oxford Collapse (they just played here the other night, yes, but they’re coming back for the Unicorn Mountain showcase at the Arts Festival next week. Also I’m going to Bellevue(!) to write something for city guide for the paper. What the hell happens in Bellevue? We’ll find out, I s’pose.

I might get some pictures of the new place up eventually but I really have to figure out how to work my new camera phone. Or just make Brian take pictures of it for me.

sad songs

May 24, 2007

I’m considering creating a “Ben Folds Five” tag on this blog, what with the preponderance of posts concerning them lately. Last weekend I was in K-Mart with my mom — I’m just remembering this now — and we were somewhere in housewares, looking at plates or something, when I noticed that, I recognized what was playing on the K-Mart Radio thing, and it made me feel funny. I cocked my little head and listened closely, and quietly freaked out. It was “Magic,” from the Reinhold Messner album — THE SADDEST SONG MAYBE IN THE WORLD. So good and so sad, never a single, off an album that didn’t do all that well, PLAYING IN K-MART ON A SUNDAY AFTERNOON.

What makes these things happen?

Also I thought about how I wasn’t that far, physically speaking, from where I had first bought that album, as soon as it came out in 1999 (Best Buy, I think). And I’m not making any value judgments about that fact — it’s just the way it is. I’m probably not that far (life-plan-wise) from where I would’ve predicted in 1999, though I’m not near where I would’ve predicted in 2006. Funny how that happens.

Midnite Snake profile; I didn’t get to do as much with it as I’d have liked, but I might work more with the material I got and republish elsewhere. Regardless, I’m pretty happy with it. Also, Z’EV preview.

what time is it?

May 23, 2007

Today walking around downtown at lunchtime I saw a man who looked like an old sailor rolling up to the library on roller blades while another dude kind of stared at him, some young clean people (Mormons?) giving away CD’s (DVD’s?) about the Lord, a man who looked like Inpector Clousseau clutching a briefcase, etc. etc. This place is often more interesting than Oakland during the day, surprisingly.

Today’s paper has my pieces about Midnite Snake and Z’EV; pick one up, I’ll post the online versions tomorrow once they’re LIVE. Midnite Snake is the cover and golly gee is the picture insane. Unfortunately, it’s eclipsed by the back cover AA ad, which, of course, is an ass and says — not kidding here — “Pantytime™.”

Okay, I guess I’m a little jealous of Dov for getting that trademarked before me.


Busy week. Moving, cleaning, busy at work because of moved-up deadlines.

Last night I cleaned out my bookbag and in the process found:

– A pinball.
– Like 10 pens.
– My flash drive (I thought I had lost it months ago and was about to buy another soon).
– A couple (unopened/unused) condoms, one of which was expired (draw your own conclusions).
– Several 1″ pins I thought were goners.
– A (mechanical) nut on a little chain, origin unknown.
– A little Heinz ketchup bottle painted mostly blue, which I found on the shelves in the Afro-American collection many months ago.

Right now I’m thinking about how The Yes Album is really great.

ooh guess what.

May 19, 2007

I’m in the middle of moving. I moved like half of my stuff today, and the rest will go within the week. Expect me happily settled in Regent Square by Memorial Day. Maybe I’ll post PIXX if I get around to taking them. If I know you, expect an updated contact info email message as soon as I get a new phone number (going cellular in 2007). Also I’m gonna be attempting to go without home internet access, while at the same time continuing work on mounting a brand new internet offensive that will hopefully knock your socks off (after they’ve geeked it into a bed).