this world

April 30, 2007

  • Last night, Daniel Higgs informed us of what we all should have already known, and what I will be contemplating for years to come: “Love shovels puppet heads into the fires of love.” He was wonderful, as was his collaborator, Chiara Giovando, and they sang about love and the kingdom of death. Belvie’s wasn’t THE worst possible venue for this show, but there are certainly several thousand other places in the city that would’ve been better, including the construction-ridden Point State Park. Also, saw Higgs walking up the street a couple blocks from home when I was on the bus this morning. Thought about what it would be like to see Higgs around town randomly. Didn’t even for a moment consider moving to Baltimore.
  • Worked on making poetry books yesterday with Ed and Grandpa Murder. Will post the details of the upcoming reading forthwith.
  • Starting making motions toward fixing my bike. One of these days it’ll be accomplished.

mid-weekend update

April 28, 2007


Plotkin and Wyskida were good. Not mind-blowing, but good. They had good parts. And iffy parts. And it was at Kiva Han, which was weird.

This evening I brought vegan sloppy joe to a housewarming potluck and was met with a bunch of bougie (sp?) “arty”middle-aged folks. One of them looked a lot like Bea Arthur and insulted my food offering. Hating her made me feel punk. Giving her the finger would’ve made me feel more punk, but I’m not that good with confrontation, and besides, I didn’t want to ruin the housewarming, being hosted by wonderful friends.

Ed’s making a poetry anthology zine thing that I’m helping with — that’s on tap for tomorrow. They’ll be available at the reading on the 10th. Included is a typically semi-disturbing entry from yours truly. THEN, tomorrow night, Dan Higgs aka Sir Lungfish is playing at Belvedere’s (yeah, weird). That’ll be fun.  Then it’ll be the week again and I’ll go back to work and all that.


April 26, 2007

I finally bought Two Gongs. I seriously might just as well have bought the Chatham box set in Allentown last year since, since then, I’ve acquired most of that material in individual Table of the Elements reissues. Oh well. Excellent studying and/or zoning out “music.” Highly recommended, unless you’re easily bored.

grimm prospects

April 26, 2007

For your reading pleasure, my short preview of Plotkin/Wyskida tonight, here. I know, it’s “grimm robe,” not “grim robe.” Editing happens. I’m glad it passed through proofing at all.

I’ve been wickedly behind on my RSS reader action. Scores and scores of unread blog posts, everywhere. I don’t know what to do about it, friend. If I could, I’d take a day off from work JUST to read blog posts. Not really.

This weekend, I’ll probably go see Jarboe Friday night, and Saturday night is filled with housewarming and birthday parties (shit, gifts, right). However, if you’re not going to those parties, you might consider going to Howler’s for Ludlow’s CD release thing, with The Dirty Faces and Burndowns. Maybe I’ll make it for the last five minutes of that or something.

Also, resolutions update: I packed my lunch two-and-a-half times this week (not bad), ate kale last night with dinner (still haven’t perfected the amount of Bragg’s to use to make it tasty but not mind-numbingly salty), and haven’t fixed my bike yet. I’ll get there.

sigh of relief

April 24, 2007

Okay. My paper is finished. Huge weight lifted off of me, etc. etc. A return to blogging.

First and of utmost importance: the song I was referring to, which I heard in Marshall’s, with the Satie sample, was “Someone To Call My Lover,” by Janet Jackson. It was a big hit in 2001, when I was living in a punk world somewhere worrying about bringing peace and anarchy to the world and not paying attention to Janet Jackson. It’s kind of sweet in a weird sort of way.

Furthermore, things of note:

  • Plotkin/Wyskida duo at Kiva Han Thursday evening. Preview forthcoming; these are two guys who were in Khanate, doing essentially guitar jazz improv, with a doom-y twist. Opening: Slices (now with more Ovens and Mantooth) and Sister Suvi.
  • Jarboe at CMU Friday night, with Julie Sokolow and Brown Angel. Weird combination, but cool.
  • Pit-Er-Pat is playing at CMU next week (May 4, I think). I haven’t really heard it publicized, so I’m warning you. I don’t know that much about them, but they’re on Thrill Jockey and get decent review. I’ll give a listen and let you know.
  • I’m going to start reading for pleasure again now.
  • I’ve been writing a little when possible; I’m taking part in a poetry reading with some great people May 10 at ModernFormations. Details forthcoming.
  • I started liking kale. I’m all growed up now.
  •  It’s springtime. Don’t let it kill you. Do things like: play tennis, take walks, get up early enough to watch the sun rise, wear easily-shed layers, etc.

Springtime is a better time to make resolutions than New Year’s, because you’re (or at least I’m) more likely to keep them. Thus, I will inform you of at least some of my resolutions for NOW because I need to tell someone and here you are, person who I may or may not know!

  • Get my damn bike fixed and start riding it again (this won’t be hard, I just have to actually do it).
  • More green vegetables in my day.
  • Less caffeine in general.
  • Less buying lunch out, more packing (let’s say, pack lunch at least three days a week).
  • Less internet time in general; less compulsive/addictive email checking. (This doesn’t mean I’ll continue neglecting you, though, blog, I promise!)
  • More unstructured me-time, less making and/or social plans.

Now I have to write the rest of this damn paper! Almost over!

Now tell me YOUR resolutions.

Also, in Marshall’s yesterday I heard a contemporary pop song that sampled(?) Satie’s Gymnopedies. What was this song? Someone tell me!

never forget

April 18, 2007

One evening last week Brian and I were eating at Kazansky’s — maybe not the best idea in the world, but a good step above the Squirrel Hill Eat’n’Park. A man of probably about 40 sat a few booths back from us with a young boy, maybe about 7. The conversation, about the sports stadium art on the wall, somehow turned to the 2001 baseball season, and then the man mentioned September 11. The boy asked what happened on September 11. The man said the terrorist attacks happened. The boy asked what terrorist attacks? My mind was blown already — I thought to myself: THERE IS SOMEONE WHO DOESN’T REMEMBER 9/11 AND DOESN’T EVEN KNOW WHAT HAPPENED!

The man proceeded to explain the entire scenario, returning, appropriately, to its effect on the baseball season: “So, such-and-such team had a couple weeks off to rest up, and then played really well in the playoffs!”