weak end

October 29, 2006

One okay thing to do on a Saturday night when you don’t feel like seeing people but you’re a little lost for things to do at home is to download video files from Ubuweb and watch sweet things like Beckett’s “Not I.” Which is precisely what I did last night. Also, read a bunch from the Project Gutenberg eBook of Tintinnalogia, about change-ringing, the far-pre-Cage English tradition of ringing a series of bells, not for melody, but in mathematical permutations of order. (Here’s something: do you know how expensive handbells are? One octave seriously costs a couple thousand dollars. There go my one-man-handbell choir plans.)

And I wrote some stuff this weekend, which was nice (I’m feeling the pressure because I’m setting up a reading in December and theoretically want to read at it. And want to read stuff that is actually good.) And I made a prototype of a new book-ish project thing that I’m pretty stoked on. It might be the basis of my XXX-mas presents this year (seriously, if I don’t start now, I won’t have anything for anyone by Christmas, like happened last year).

If you’re reading this today (and I mean, who reads blogs on Sunday afternoon?) you should go see Des Ark tonight at Mofo. And if you don’t run out of energy, go to the Green Milk From the Planet Orange show (Centipede headlines) afterward. And maybe go see Amoeba Knievel and Weird Paul at 6. I want to but the Steelers are still just about to start, so I dunno.

Also, the wind this weekend has howled so wildly, I’ve been in fear of the house being blown over. It reminds me of the time a few years ago when we lived on Taylor Street and my bedroom window (thankfully on the opposite side of the room from where I was sleeping) blew all the way in, and sleet came flying across the room in the middle of the night. It took some doing to get that back together (it didn’t actually break, the entire storm window just fell out of the frame).


hyper real deal

October 25, 2006

This weekend the things are:

  • The Great Pumpkin Friday night.
  • Maybe PIMBA marching band championships Saturday night? We’ll see.
  • Friend/amazing singer/songwriter Des Ark Sunday night at ModernFormations. Green Milk From the Planet Orange is playing with Centipede at GA the same night; I might try to hit all three.

Me? I’ve been chillin’, listening to Astral Weeks and Bookends a lot, and now I’m gonna read about hyperreality for my class. Get into it.

oh gosh oh golly.

October 24, 2006

Where DOES the time go?

Apparently I’ve done and seen nothing in the past week worth talking about. Maybe I should start re-telling old stories or something. No really: I watched Masculin/Feminin this weekend. And I watched the Steelers get outplayed and still almost-but-not-quite pull off a win. I played Boggle and successfully convinced the room that “neb” and “nebs” should be permissible words. I didn’t do my homework until really late in the game and kinda freaked out about it. I dreamed about neighbors being shot to death outside my house.

Should I go see Deerhoof Friday? I ought to, but I’m kind of sick of shows. Also it’s $15. Also it’s very nearly sold out. Maybe I should watch The Great Pumpkin instead? Yes, maybe.

Today I will purchase my ticket to see Negativland. That is, in case you hadn’t heard, Halloween night at the Kelly-Strayhorn on Penn Ave. in East Liberty. Count me super stoked.

Otherwise, further homework, which has made me a dull boy (well, that and gross time mismanagement). And I might try to check out some of the NLCS game. I’ve lost the ability to care that much about baseball, but I’m happy for the Tigers, so I’m gonna root for them no matter who they go up against. But it’s fun to watch playoff baseball in the fall. At least, if you’re a bored person who doesn’t have cable. And who wants something to be slightly distracting, but not TOO distracting or you won’t get your work done.

Also I have this show coming up. Did I tell you about it?

  • Cinemechanica
  • Slingshot Dakota
  • Isha & Zetta (CD release)
  • Sleep Little One Sleep
  • November 7 @ 7pm, Modernformations (4919 Penn Ave), $6



October 16, 2006

Take the Post-Gazette Comics Survey. Make sure they don’t do away with Mary or “Mutts.” Also, vote for “F-Minus” as the best test comic. Bad late ’90s punk band, good comic.

weekend end

October 15, 2006

A certain air temperature, when combined with the smell of diesel fumes, to this day brings to mind nothing other than marching band. Similarly, when I have anxiety dreams, they’re just as likely to be about showing up two weeks into band camp without knowing any of my music or drill as they are to be about showing up most of the way through the semester and know that I haven’t been going to class at all.

Last night I packed up with my mother and sister/her family and watched some marching bands play at Mt. Lebanon High, home of lots of lighted signs that say “LEBO.” It wasn’t a competition, which was a little disappointing to me since a big part of band for me was competitions and ajudication tends to add a level of intensity to a show that otherwise might be missing. Regardless, the bigger bands especially were really good — while Mt. Lebanon’s percussion ensemble is amazing, I’d posit that Bethel Park was the best band there (and that’s not just becuase my nephew is in that band, at least I don’t think it is). Competition or none, there’s an epic quality to a good marching band show that persists even if the band is playing disco hits or, as my old band is doing this year, Cirque du Soleil.

In other news, I cleaned my room, AND had tons of awesome dreams last night. I won’t go into too much detail — in fact I won’t go into ANY detail. Just imagine. Okay one of them involved taking a boat to France to visit Jacques Derrida (apparently still alive, in dream-world) at the chapel (where he apparently lives, in dream-world). That’s all you’re getting.


October 11, 2006

Seriously, this ratcheting-up of the double entendre in Peanuts of late is making me really uncomfortable.

Also, this week is horribly hectic — barely finished my paper for today for one class, got behind in my reading for the other, got punched by a 14 year old while walking to the grocery store the other day, doing a presentation at work Friday . . . and my eye is doing that twitchy thing again.  I need to up the meditation skills, methinks.