Long time no post.

Speaking of long time, it had been a while since I went to Paul’s and actually bought music (lay the blame squarely on bit torrent, with a certain amount of fault resting on poverty as well). So I did that today. I got Rhys Chatham’s Die Donnergotter double LP, LIMITED EDITION GATEFOLD ETC ETC that Table of the Elements put out earlier this year. It smacks of beauty and excellence and I am pleased.

I also snapped up The Red Crayola’s Malefactor Ade, which contains some amazing lines (“Tint or hue? What’s color to you?”). I am pleased with that as well.

And I’ve rented The Assassination of Trotsky and Born in Flames and will watch one or the other or both as soon as I do some homework. I’m behind on that.


come see

September 27, 2006

Tonight, at Garfield Artworks, Pony Pants (from Philly) with each of my roommates’ bands. PP are apparently blogging their tour for Philly’s City Paper (thanks for the heads up, herjazz!)

8PM or so? I think.¬† I don’t go places much these days because I read and do homework instead, so come see me in a context other than “in my house” or “on the Internet.”

It’s called “plain text.”

No seriously, I don’t know why my blog looks like this. Chalk one up for NOT using the free wordpress.com hosting — I kinda wish I could figure this out. I guess maybe my regular formatting will return at some point soon? If not, I guess I find a new theme?

bite the bullets

September 25, 2006

Here I am.

Things you might like to know:

  • Birthday weekend is complete. My 2-year-old niece is certifiably insane and repeats everything over and over and it’s equal parts endearing and annoying in the funny way. I have a sweet new Scrabble game.
  • The sick won’t let me go. Every time I have a good day, the next day has some new ailment: maybe a little nausea or dizziness, maybe a headache. GO AWAY, SICK.
  • I’m backed up on schoolwork, for sure.
  • I learned things over the weekend on cable TV about trepanation and phrenology and football and stuff.
  • I don’t know what to do with the rest of my afternoon home sick.

here i go again on my own

September 22, 2006

I will be off the internet from this evening until Sunday night, most likely. Going to the parents’ house to chill hard and collect my birthday loot. If you have any pressing issues, do get in touch with me via the pony express. I’ll try to watch cable TV and write down the amusing anecdotes. Also I bet I’ll have crazy dreams, because I usually do when I sleep in my bed there. Catch you on the freak side.

comic sans barriéres

September 22, 2006

Poor Aldo. Is that the hillside above route 65 he’s trying to navigate there? What’s with the sudden jaggedy-edged dropoff with no guardrail? Dude better call up Edgar Snyder before he talks to ANYONE about this one. Hide the bottle first, of course.

The last two nights I managed to catch Jack Horkheimer, Star Hustler and he pointed out to me that I should look in the western sky about 45 minutes after sundown on Monday and Tuesday to catch the waxing crescent moon flanked by Jupiter. With a telescope I could see Jupiter’s four biggest moons. Jupiter is so big that it would take 13 Earths lined up to be as wide as one Jupiter. Repetition is a good way to learn things.

Also, I caught the very end of Nova the other night, which was about Einstein’s theory of relativity in general I guess, but the part I saw was about Lisa Meitner, who essentially discovered fission but got shafted because she was a German of Jewish descent in the late ’30s/early ’40s. According to the dramatization, she figured it all out while cross country skiing with her nephew (Robert Frisch) in Norway, then reported back to Otto Hahn, who took the Nobel Prize and ran, never recanting, even after the war. What an a-hole. (By way of a PS — Meitner refused to work on the Manhattan Project at any point, even though everyone else around her, including Frisch, was really into it. Admirable, though I didn’t live through that time so I can’t say really what I would’ve done).

Also watched most of a documentary about the founding of the African National Congress, and the last few minutes of the first part of a two-part show on Andy Warhol. It’s alright when PBS is pretty good while you’re sick.