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May 30, 2006

On a marquee in front of something like an auto body shop on Banksville Road yesterday I saw the following:

Skilling got Layed
Expecting in 20 yrs

It doesn’t really make sense, yet I always think things like this are funny because they’re usually not actually funny at all, and not that clever, but there’s a certain novelty in the concept of using the space where your business is expected to advertise to instead make some sort of political or ethical statement. Even if it’s kind of silly and pointless. The guy who runs the self storage place in West Mifflin on Homestead-Duquesne Road has also historically been notable for such things. Here’s to more politically-motivated fun on our roadside signs.


Old Time Relijun, turning fossil fuels back into dinosaurs, bringing the best show I’ve seen this year. (We’re at the halfway mark, is it time to start quantifying our cultural experiences yet?) Arrington does beautiful things with his voice, and I wanted more music (I don’t know how long they played, but it mustn’t have been too long, as I rarely think bands’ sets are too short) but his mouth harp performance at the end capped the set nicely. What was awesome was that he was doing things vocally while he was harping, which I didn’t realize a person could do (not that I’m the expert).

I didn’t know who most of the people at the show were, which was weird but pretty awesome. Where did they come from, and how did they hear about the show? I should’ve taken a survey. There was one kid who had to be about 15 who was incredibly stoked on seeing OTR, and stroked Arrington’s beard like he was on E or something, and Aaron said that kid is the reason he goes on tour, and I say he’s the reason I try to do as many shows as possible all ages.

Right now I just want to go to the woods, or the river or something, and watch birds, and maybe read and write. I’ve done far too little of this lately. Just as I’ve done far too little gardening. Our poor little seedling are totally scorched, which I blame on me. Fortunately there are decent places to buy seedlings at this point in the season.

it is what it is

May 26, 2006

Apologies for my reticence of late. No time for writing when you’re doing. I was at Roboto three times this week, once for a show I set up, once for a show I played, and once for a show Emma’s band played. I am Robotoed to death. There are a great many things going on this weekend, not the least of which being Old Time Relijun tomorrow at AIR. Vale and Year are releasing another damn album tonight, Gunspiking is having another damn reunion tonight, friends are visiting from other towns. I am getting better at Boggle, with any luck. I hope to see you this weekend.

PS — I still owe you a play review. It’s in the pipes, swear.

So, first of all, a reminder that the Old Time Relijun show is this Saturday, May 27, at AIR. It’s at like 7:30 and the lineup is: Natura Nasa – Midnite Snake – Old Time Relijun. It will be an amazing show.

Second of all, I’ve never seen an account of how to get to AIR by bus, so here goes, courtesy Maya’s Buskarma site:

A very close bus stop is East Ohio St. opposite James St. Then you just have to cross East Ohio and walk up James to Foreland (it’s the second street up after East Ohio) and go right and AIR is right there, 518 Foreland.

The 54C stops there. Coming from downtown, the 1A, 1D, 1F, and 6A all stop there as well.

Buses are a little bit crazy and go around in circles on the North Side, what with the commons and park and stuff up there, so you have to figure out for yourself when you’re actually at the intersection and should get off. Ask your nice bus driver.

This link ought to work; otherwise, go to and search for East Ohio St. OPP James. You’ll find what you need to know.

hey columbus

May 20, 2006

My band is making love to your town tonight. 9:00pm, 369 E 15th Ave, Columbus, OH with Witch Hat and another band I’m blanking on right now but it’ll happen and it’ll be fun. Come out if you can.

I saw “The Pillowman” last night. It was pretty intense. I’ll have more to say about it later, but it didn’t disappoint in the sense of McDonagh’s dialogue and actual writing being really witty and great. The overarching plot was a little iffy, but I’m not disappointed for having seen it.

panorama obscura

May 18, 2006

The weather the past few days has been more than vaguely reminiscent of last October/November when I trolled around doing nothing for a long time and listened to Broken Hearts Are Blue a lot and then got a job and was still kinda in a funk. It’s weird and kind of frustrating when you realize that intense cloudcover the likes of which we see fairly often here can actually act as a barrier not only between you and the sky but between you and any sort of vision of the future. I honestly can’t see past the next day or two when the sun is obscured thusly. Which is sometimes alright, but more often pretty worrisome.

But worry not, I am not depressed in the least. I have amazing friendships right now, and lots of good things on my plate (even if there are so many of these things it’s a bit stressful), and I’m taking a personal day Monday to hang out with my mom. That’s right. I won’t deny it. And my eyelid seems to be flaking and peeling less, which is nice, and the muscles at the crux of my left elbow have been freaking out and spasming for a day or so now but that’ll go away eventually.

loose ends

May 17, 2006

A few things:

– If you have a computer with sound and a few minutes, watch the video for the song “Fingerbangin’,” by a band from Philly called Sweatheart. The vid was made by Charlie’s roommate Ted, and the song features references to passenger side road head and the phrase “WOOF god damn!”

– There is a flavor of Vitamin Water called “Rescue,” which is green tea and chamomile flavored and has B vitamins, which I found in Boston and which was very good and which I’ve never seen anywhere else. I would like it to appear here soon.

– I had my first communication class last night. I think it’ll be nice ‘n easy; I just need to not slack. It’ll be a funny group, I think — kids taking summer classes that are really basic low-level courses usually have some amusing reason for being there (“I’m a communication major and I got a C- in this class last time I took it”). We discussed our media choices and half of the class are amusingly devoted Philly and/or Lehigh valley partisans: “I don’t read Pittsburgh papers, I like the Morning Call!” “I don’t listen to the radio in PITTSBURGH, I like (station X) in Philly!”

Hopper is in Israel right now. It’s interesting. Get over the Merritt stuff and read about her trip.