new news

October 26, 2005

So, in the exciting-new-things category, I have a job now. Starting Monday I will no longer be sitting around the house all day, feeling like I should get something done but not doing so. I will be playing with books all day. And dealing with academics. And deciding how to deal with wanting to tell work stories on here but not thinking that’s a good idea.

In other exciting new things, Q’s new tape comp, Revolved Back to Failure, is being released with shows tonight and tomorrow night, and while we’re not on it, we’re playing the show tonight, so come see us and buy the tape. There are some major gems involved. Also, Q and Eric are releasing a long-overdue new issue of Here Be Dragons, which is about punk old people, of which I am not one, but I’m interested anyway. Their stuff is always good, so throw a Sacagawea dollar or two their way and pick it up.

Also, do check up on my old teachers and their contract dispute. No one likes a teachers’ strike, especially the teachers.


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